Elements of Sparkling Solutions

The sparkling solutions for the successful achievement of a goal require Awareness, Self-Talk, and Imagination.  Dr. Gia addresses the topics of creating charisma, peaceful sleep solutions, and natural vision improvement, using a variety of mental, physical, emotional, and energetic techniques focusing on these elements.


  • Awareness    awareness

Awareness, or present moment awareness, is necessary in accomplishing any goal we can imagine. We must be present to exude presence.

The most charismatic people are those who are the most fully present and aware. When they are distracted and not fully in the moment, their charisma diminishes or disappears.

Most of the time, if we have difficulty falling asleep, we are not being present. We are typically reviewing the past or thinking about the future. When we release the past and future, focusing only on the present, we easily drift off to sleep.

The same holds true for eyesight. We can’t clearly see what is in front of us if we are not looking at it and fully present with it.


  • Self-Talk and Self-Image    selftalk

Our current condition is based on our self-image, which is a result of our self-talk. More accurately, “our current condition” is actually our perception of what we consider this condition to be.

People who are charismatic have a powerful, positive self-image and their calm, encouraging self-talk reflects this.

When trying to fall asleep, do you repeatedly tell yourself, “I have to fall asleep, I have to fall asleep, why can’t I fall asleep, I have to get up in three hours, I can’t fall asleep!” in a frantic tone? It isn’t just what you’re telling yourself, but also the feeling and energy you put behind the words.

Likewise, if you “see” yourself with blurry vision and give yourself messages about not seeing clearly, those are the instructions you’re giving to your subconscious body-mind.


  • imaginationImagination   

We use our imagination to plan and conduct our lives. When we set out to do anything, we always play it out in our mind’s eye first. Sometimes it happens so quickly and so out of the realm of consciousness, that we don’t even realize we do it.

If we’re feeling insecure and incompetent, we’re probably mentally playing out scenarios in which we respond this way. If we want to increase our charisma, we need to consciously use our imagination to create a new self-image.

If we’re having trouble falling asleep, our imagination is likely conjuring up images of us being wide awake with eyes open, tossing and turning, which can only increase our anxiety about falling asleep. When we use our imagination to pretend we’re sleepy and can’t stay awake, the body follows suit.

Imagination is also a cornerstone in improving physical eyesight. Poor vision is often a result of mental strain or confusion. A strong component of visual clarity is using our imagination to be clear about what we’re seeing.