About Gia Brainerd, PhD

authorpic1Dr. Gia has been studying mind technologies, including psychology, meditation, Huna, hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and energy medicine for 40 years, more recently studying Access Consciousness and Adventures in Oneness. In the 1980s, Gia became involved in Huna (a form of Hawaiian mysticism), studying with Kahuna and psychologist Serge Kahili King. She also became involved in the Los Angeles/Hollywood music scene where she published and wrote for the publication Behind the Music (predating, and not associated with, the popular television series), interviewing people in the industry and gaining insight into why some entertainers connected with their audiences and others did not.

In the 1990s, Dr. Gia studied the psychology of vision improvement with pioneer Gloria Ginn, whose system was an outgrowth of the Bates Method, founded by William Bates. After reading that a client of Dr. Bates’, who regained perfect vision, had a relative who suspected that the client was merely hypnotized into believing his eyesight had been cured, Gia became curious about the prospect that perhaps vision could be improved using hypnosis. This lead her to begin her doctorate studies at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, where she studied with masters in the field, including A.M. Krasner (creator of the Krasner Method of Clinical Hypnotherapy, which is used in many hypnotherapy programs around the world), Richard Neves, and Tad James (creator of Time Line Therapy). She eventually transferred to American Pacific University, where she earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Dr. Gia then went back to her studies in natural vision improvement and in 2014 became a Certified Natural Vision Coach by Greg Marsh.

She also studied energy medicine, including Donna Eden’s system of energy healing, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Spring Forest Qigong.

Dr. Gia is a member of The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The International Hypnosis Federation and is a certified natural vision improvement coach.