Being More Charismatic

charismaHow would YOU Benefit by Being More Charismatic

You would be more confident and effective in every area of your life. You would be decisive and motivated, passionate about your goals. You would have a purpose and you would feel good about that purpose and about yourself. You would feel an inner power and magnetically draw people and circumstances to you that would assist you in any endeavor you pursue. You might think of some additional benefits.

Have you heard the Urban Legends about charisma: “Either you have it or you don’t” or “Those who are charismatic are born with it”?

Forget it! By studying psychology, hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), energy fields, and shamanic (spiritual healing) practices for the past 40 years, I’ve discovered that anyone can be charismatic. People who are charismatic may or may not understand where this magical quality comes from, but there are definable traits and patterns, which can be developed and duplicated.

Charisma is a state and, as such, encompasses the body (physiology), mind (thoughts and mindset), spirit (energy), and language (self-talk, as well as verbal speech). These are all interrelated and each reflects and affects the others.

Would you like to feel more charismatic right now?

Play with these simple techniques:

Here are some simple techniques to instantly feel more charismatic right now:

If you met someone who was depressed and someone who was elated, how would you know the difference? You might notice their posture, how they carry themselves, how they breathe, eye movement, facial expressions and gestures. You might also notice the way they talk – the words they use and how they use them, as well as their tone of voice, and the volume and tempo at which they speak. And, if you’re sensitive to such things, you might feel a certain “vibe” from them or notice that you feel differently around them.

These elements work both ways. The way you feel is reflected in your physiology, thinking, energy, and language (both internal and external). However, by changing your physiology, thought patterns, working with your energy field, and changing the words you use, you can also change the way you feel and the way others perceive you.

If you were charismatic, or more charismatic, how might you present yourself differently – your posture, breathing, facial expressions, and gestures? Experiment with changing just these outer aspects and notice if it changes the way you feel inside.