Creating Charisma


A Hypnotist’s Secrets to Creating Charisma is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats

You can increase your charisma and your success starting right now. Here are some highlights from this book, describing some of the areas covered.

Charisma is a state and an outward expression of a self-empowering belief system.  You project how you feel about yourself and the world by your confidence, self-esteem, sense of purpose, decisiveness, and self-motivation.

You communicate personal power unconsciously by the way you see yourself and the way you interpret people and events around you.  You have a certain internal representational system in which you tell yourself certain things and have certain internal images, sounds, feelings, and self-talk.  Your body language and verbal language corresponds with your belief system and internal representations. To paraphrase Abraham Maslow, you will only change when your awareness of yourself changes.

People who are charismatic give an impression of aliveness, which you can only have when you are fully focused in the present moment.  One of the traits of charismatic people is that they are tuned into their environment and aware of people, places, and events around them.  Because they are so present, they can appear to be psychic, since they are aware of details in the behavior of people around them and they see current situations more clearly than most people.  They are not distracted by rehashing the past or planning the future (as most people are most of the time), with the exception of times that they set aside specifically for that purpose.  They are also highly intuitive because of their awareness of their own internal feelings, their own behavior, and the behavior of others.

You can tell whether or not a person is present with you by looking into his eyes.  The eyes of a charismatic person always sparkle with an alertness and involvement.  Most people have their energy fragmented, with their minds drifting between several different places in space and time.  The more energy you have focused where you are right now, the more energy you will have access to, which gives you a powerful appearance of intense magnetism.  Therefore, it would make sense that you would have the highest level of personal power when you are fully in the present moment.

When you are charismatic, you appear to be on a mission.  The great majority of charismatic people have a distinct sense of purpose.

Charismatic people take the position that even though events and people are out of their control, there are always conditions that are under their control.  If you didn’t believe that you had some power to affect change, there would be no reason to have a sense of purpose.  If nothing else, you always have control over your interpretation of a situation and how you choose to respond.

Focus is important to any achievement as your reality is based on your focus.  If you focus on your lacks or what you don’t want, this is the direction you will move in.  If you focus on your strengths and what you do want in your life or your best personality traits and behaviors, this is what will be intensified and increased.  There will always be both positive and negative at any given time.  You can choose what you focus on and what you multiply in your life.